Gaz Membrane
Name Gaz Membrane
Show Invader Zim
First Appearance "The Nightmare Begins" March 30, 2001
Sex Female
Species Human (possibly Gynoid)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Purple
Relatives Dib Membrane (brother), Professor Membrane (father)
Occupation(s) School Student

Gazlene "Gaz" Membrane is Dib's psychotic, antisocial, and apathetic younger sister, often described as "Dib's scary sister". She has a penchant for video games and a fixation with pizza, particularly from her favorite restaurant Bloaty's Pizza Hog (satirical of Chuck E. Cheese's). She also loves soda.If and when someone or something stands in the way of her getting those things, she will not hesitate to thrust them into "a nightmare world from which there is no awakening." She knows and admits that Zim is an alien, but does not care because she also knows he's too stupid to take over the world, making her quite possibly one of the smartest characters in the series.

Nicktoons: Globs of DoomEdit

Gaz appears as a NPC in Nicktoons: Globs of Doom. Gaz was one of the victims from the orange goo that infected her town. She was one of the people who was trapped in the goo. She is the last one to save in the Invader Zim level, at the end of the second area. She keeps commanding to free her, and says they are lucky that they have saved her. She afterwards joins the other survivors in Volcano Island.

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars XEdit

Gaz does not appear as a playable character in Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X but instead appears as the Halloween Costume for GIR. He only wears the wig and clothes of Gaz and has the Game Slave in his hand all the time. He does this along with Zim who then is dressed as Dib, and the VOOTY armor is a Pumpkin.

Nicktoons MLBEdit

Gaz appears as a playable character in Nicktoons MLB. She is left-handed and leaves a trail of skulls behind when she throws or slams.


  • Cutter: *****
  • Splitter: ****
  • Sinker: ****
  • Screw: ***